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Attention: The Lynx programs on this page have been developed using 42Bastian Schick's Lynx-Kit !


A Lynx I

A Lynx II

Description of the Lynx I and Lynx II mainboards

Lynx I-boxes

Lynx II-boxes


Sprite-Demo 1 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 8KB): All 8 sprites sharing the same colour index-table.

The 8 tiles used in the demo

Sprite-Demo 2 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 8KB): Each sprite uses its own colour index-table.

Sprite-Demo 3 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 13KB): 9 animationphases of a racing car for a 90-degrees-rotation around its center are present. For a complete 360-degrees rotation the sprites will be flipped horizontally and/or vertically. Unfortunately the car pixel width isn't an even number, so there will be some glitches when leaving a quadrant.

The car in 9 animationphases

The image of the car is taken out of a MicroMachines2-Demo.

Sprite-Demo 4 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 16KB): Using 15 16*16 pixel-wide basic tiles a playfield of 320*320 pixels (= 20*20 tiles) width is created.

The created playfield

Sprite-Demo 5 (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 11KB): Shows the detection of sprite collisions.

The four sprites

Step1-demo screenshot

1. demo: A corridor (*.O + C-sourcecode, about 7KB) !


The Dungeon-picture

My first Lynx demo: The Dungeon Version 0.11 !

Now the SinglePlayer- and the MultiPlayer-Mode are united in one program!

My second Lynx program: Snakebyte version 0.18 !

In the first level

The program manual.

Snakebyte is part of the MultiGame-Cartridge S.I.M.I.S. published by 42Bastian Schick.

The latest infos about this cartridge are available at the S.I.M.I.S. homepage !

My third Lynx demo: Marble Madness !

You control a marble on its course through a 320 * 400 pixel (maximum) level.

ZIP-Archive of the old summer 1997 version. An O-file containing just one level.

ZIP-Archive of the new version from September 1999. This is a LNX-file for use with the Handy-Emulator. There are seven different levels implemented.

New in the 1999-Version:

    1) Fans

    2) Green caterpillars

    3) Time limit

    4) White pyramids

Some pictures of both versions
1997 1999
Shortly after the starting block Shadows on the ramps
Somewhat further Railings and fans
Now there are railings Caterpillars and goal-flags
Catepillars and white pyramids

My latest game: Clicks!

picture of Clicks

Here the version from June 30, 2001: Clicks! Version 6

Hint: During the game, you can send the playfield to other Lynxes by pressing Option1. To receive the playfield, you should press Option2 on the other Lynxes.


My first Lynx tool: PC2LYNX.EXE Version 1.4, Sourcecode included !

A MS Windows program to transfer *.O or *.COM files from a PC to the Atari Lynx.

Baudrate is now setable by the user. It's possible to reload and send a previous sent file.

With kind permission by Bastian Schick: SENDPC.EXE

A DOS-program for transferring *.O or *.COM files to the Atari Lynx.

The DOS-version of the BLL-Assembler

For your convenience: The DOS-executable of Lyxass

The ROM-image-builder Lynxer 5.0

To be able to load a homebrewed Lynx-program (*.O) from a cartridge the program has to be transformed into a size fitting to the cartridge.

Lynxer adapts the program file(s) to the BLL-cartridge-size of 256 blocks of 1024 bytes.

The sprite-packer built on 08/18/1998

SPRPCK supports BMP-files with 24-bit colours.

Some C-Libraryfunctions . New version from September 6, 1997! Now with sample program!

The archive contains

TO.M65 for use in LYNX.OLB with two simple Print / TextOut-functions and

BCD.M65 for use in LYNX.OLB with five functions for the treatment of BCD-numbers. Only 4-digit BCD-numbers are supported, they can be declared as INT.

BZERO.M65 for use in C.OLB. Extended by memset().

EEPROM.M65 for use in LYNX.OLB. Three functions written by Bastian Schick for accessing the cartridge-EEPROM.

New: Variant of the TextOut-funktions using a 8*8 pixel font. 

CartShow : access to the cartridge using C

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Written on September 3, 2007 at 11:53pm