What is new on my homepage?

December 11, 2002:

I've decided to make the latest version (V6, June 30, 2001) of my game Clicks! publicly available.

May 12, 2000:

The sprite-packer SPRPCK, built on August 18, 1998.

April 30, 2000:

SPRDEMO5 : A sample-program showing the detection of sprite collisions.

April 25, 2000:

SPRDEMO4 updated.

April 15, 2000:

SPRDEMO4: A sample-program showing the creation of big, scrollable playfields with the Lynx.

April 1+2, 2000:

SPRDEMO1 and SPRDEMO2: Two sample-programs, showing the use of SPRPCK for creating 8 sprites out of one single Windows-bitmap.

SPRDEMO3: A sample-program, showing the use of SPRPCK for creating sprites with a hotspot.

June 5, 1999:

C-port of the ROM-image-builder Lynxer 5.0.

DOS-executable of the BLL-assembler Lyxass.

August 13, 1999:

New MarbleMadness-demo.

September 4, 1999:

New MarbleMadness-demo.

Enhanced speed (90% assembler now): 30 frames per second.
New object-type: White pyramids.
Caterpillars won't leave there section any more.

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Written on June 5, 1999 at 4:30 PM