Snakebyte title screen

Version 0.18

Chuck Sommerville is the author of the original Snake Byte game.

The player controls a snake on its way through a garden. In this garden the snake should eat 10 apples.

There is a timelimit for each of the 10 normal apples in which an apple has to be eaten. When the time is over (yellow bars to the left and the right of the screen indicate the time left), three additional apples appear. There is no timelimit for the now four apples on the screen.

The snake grows after each apple, it is killed if it touches a wall or itself.

Game screen:

The game screen


The game has 16 different playfields. After solving these 16 playfields the game continues with playfield one, but there will now be one ball in this playfield who will kill the snake if it hits the snake's head. Level 32-47 will have two balls, all later levels will have three balls.

The screen for choosing your game options:

Options screen

Here you can set four game parameters:

  1. Game speed.

    You can choose between High and Low speed. High speed is about 20 percent faster than low speed.

  2. Type of control.

    Here you can set the type of controlling the snake-movement. You can choose to use the screen-oriented control with all four joypad-buttons (display U+D+L+R) or to use the snake-oriented control with the B-button (or joypad-left) and the A-button (or joypad-right) (display B+A/L+R).

  3. Type of background. You can choose to have a blank (display BLANK)) or to have a checkered (display CHECKERED) level background.

  4. Used colour palette

    There are four different colour palettes available.

You can toggle between the four parameters using the Joypad-Up and the Joypad-Down buttons. The value of the choosen parameter can be altered using the Joypad-Left and the Joypad-Right buttons.

Bonus level:

After solving four levels you reach a bonus level. You can earn an extra snake solving this level.


5 points for each normal apple and

1 point for each penalty apple.

50 points for solving a level in high speed or

30 points for solving a level in low speed.

The highscore screen:

The best 8 results are stored in the highscore list.

Highscore screen

Entering your name for the scoreboard:

If you have reached one of the 8 best results the program will ask you for your name:

Entering your name

Use the Joypad-Up or the Joypad-Down buttons to choose a letter, use the Joypad-Left or the Joypad-Right buttons to choose the letterposition, you can toggle between lower and upper case letters through pressing the B-button.

Press the A-button to end entering your name.

Reinitializeing the highscore list:

If you wish to reinitialize the highscore list press Option1 + Option2 while the program shows the title or the highscore screen. After pressing both buttons the following screen appears:

Reinitializing the highscore list

Press the B-button to reinitialize the highscore list on the eeprom, or any other button to abort.

Copyright © 1996-1998 Matthias Domin
Written on June 16, 1998 at 7:00 PM