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Impulse X for Atari Jaguar

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Impulse X is a Breakout-like game, it's a port of Duranik's Impulse for the Atari Falcon.
Use the bat to control a ball to clear 40 playfields full of bricks.
Some bricks release PowerUps when destroyed, but beware of the nasty enemies!
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  • 40 levels
  • Password for every fifth beaten level
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • Level editor for another 40 levels
  • Saveable highscore lists with webcodes
  • HighColour graphics
  • Digitised sound effects
  • MOD music
  • Adjustable screen position
  • 8bit BJL loader
  • Support for the Jaguar ProController
  • Support for a wide range of rotary controllers:
    • VCS driving controller
    • Modified Jagpads
    • Digital mice (Amiga or ST computer)
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You can enter your 12-digit webcodes on this webpage, where also the highcores-lists are shown:

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Level editor

level editor

Use the built-in level editor to design your own levels.
The level editor offers full mouse support!

Update April 21st, 2014:
Here is a way how you can exchange your set of selfcreated levels that is stored on MemoryTrack.

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Here is a video showing some gameplay:
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Game reviews

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Ordering information

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Product package cartridge version

Cartridge version product package

Product package CD version

CD version product package

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Joypad overlay

Joypad with Impulse X overlay

For playing Impulse X a Joypad overlay is not required, but some users asked for it, so i am providing here a ZIP archive containing two JPGs:
The first JPG shows the Impulse X overlay in standard size of an Jaguar overlay in 300dpi,
the second JPG is prepared for being printed as a 4"*6"-photo at a Photo Printstation.

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Copyright 2010 Duranik, Matthias Domin